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Aaron Mirck

Aaron Mirck

Aaron Mirck spreker

Aaron Mirck is a publicist, writer and speaker on technology. He regularly presents on technology and publishes opinion pieces in Dutch quality newspapers NRC, Het Parool and De Telegraaf, among others. He also writes about technology for HP/De Tijd.

He previously worked as a journalist, as a copywriter for tech companies and as CEO/co-founder of tech startup Presscloud. He published a collection of poems on technology: Dit Algoritme deugt niet and a management book: Alles wat PR bureaus je niet vertellen. In November his new book will be released: Niet appen tijdens het eten, a modern guide to etiquette.

Aaron regularly gives presentations, keynotes and guest lectures about technology. One of those lectures is a keynote about digital etiquette, in which the visitors of your event learn the modern etiquette rules – in a fun, interactive and playful way. It is also possible to provide the etiquette talk in the form of a quiz. This provides a nice variety during a program with much heavier themes. He also uses AI to summarize the content of conferences in a substantive and light-hearted way.

Aaron Mirck spreker

Allow AI to summarize your event. A summary at the end of your event is nice and useful. But also difficult to make. Fortunately, you can use technology for this. Under the watchful eye of Aaron Mirck, the computer goes to work and at the end of the event Aaron will read the result.

Keynote Modern Etiquette
Technology has changed the way we interact with each other. Time for new etiquette rules, because how are we supposed to behave online? In this keynote, visitors to your event will learn the modern rules of etiquette – in a fun, interactive and playful way.

What to do if your child has ten hours of screen time a day? Is it okay to google a date extensively? How do you make colleagues aware of online etiquette? How do you react when a conspiracy theory is shared in the family app? Is it useful to google all your ailments? What if your friends keep tagging you – or their children – unsolicited on social media?

Modern etiquette in the workplace
Would you rather have a keynote that focuses on online business manners only? That is also possible! If your boss or colleague sends an app or email on Sunday, should you respond the same day? As a digital nomad, how do you prevent your colleagues from becoming jealous of your adventures? What happened to LinkedIn, which is becoming less and less like a business network and more and more like a message board for self-congratulations? And how do you say goodbye on a busy Zoom call?

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