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Louisa Heinrich

Louisa Heinrich

Louisa Heinrich

Louisa Heinrich is a design, strategy and innovation leader. Over the past 20 years, she has been part of the development of many technologies that are now considered commonplace. As design director during the first dotcom boom, Louisa led the design of some of the first digital consumer projects for banks, healthcare companies and government services. She was executive director for BBC future platforms when iPlayer was released. As global head of strategy for international design agency Fjord (now part of Accenture), she was responsible for trends and thought leadership, as well as working on award-winning projects such as Bonnier Media’s News Plus, which reinvented the newspaper for the touch-screen era. She founded Superhuman in 2013 to focus on the human aspects of the digital future, and works with clients large and small to align business planning and technology with the needs of real people.

Louisa is also a highly regarded speaker on topics such as the future of technology, technology and society, strategic and product development and planning, human centred business, personal identity in the digital age, big data, screen-less interfaces (the IoT), AI and design education.


“Louisa gave an excellent talk on our event Yle prophesy in Finland. Attendees as well as other speakers mentioned her talk as one of the best talks of the whole event!”
— Atte Hujanen, Yle Prophesy


“Louisa’s creative and strategic thinking on the future of the mobile ecosystem –together with her great public speaking skills – made her a big added value to our events. This is not only my personal opinion but can also be seen from the positive feedback from our event delegates in London and Amsterdam.”
– Anneloes Henskens, MoCo/ Mobile Convention London/ Mobile Convention Amsterdam

“Louisa’s talent is rare. Her ideas are original and she sees the future potential of digital experiences before the majority. As a speaker, she’s unusual in also being able to communicate these ideas in a free flowing presentation style which engages her listeners and creates a conversation.”
– Marek Pawlowski, Founder, MEX

“A brilliant and inspiring speaker, Louisa leaves the room simultaneously stunned and energetic. She has a rare talent to both show the big picture and dive deep into a topic. With her energetic presentation style, she always keeps the audience engaged while sharing valuable insights. I absolutely recommend getting her onstage if you get the chance.”
– Peter Bihr, NEXT and ThingsCon

“Louisa is simply impressive: she uniquely combines being visionary, professional, charismatic and joyful.”
– Sarah Hemar, Reed MIDEM

“Louisa Heinrich invites the audience to join her on an exciting, intellectual journey, freely sharing her thoughts, doubts and ideas. In doing so, she challenges general opinion, leaving everyone with an abundance of food for thought and lively discussion. We loved having her join our program at PICNIC Festival.”
– Kitty Leering, PICNIC Festival

Louisa Heinrich @ Picnic Brasil

Louisa Heinrich on Retaining the Human-Scale in a ‘Smartified’ World, Keynote at IoT Asia 2016

Louisa Heinrich at Next14, Berlin (May 2014)

UIconf, Berlin (april 2013)

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