Marc van der Chijs

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Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs is founder of Bitcoin firm First Block Capital, this company helps investors to invest in Bitcoin.

Marc started his career in 1999 as a financial controller for DaimlerChrysler Northeast Asia in Beijing. Once he moved to Beijing he saw many new business opportunities and in 2002 he decided to quit is job and started studying Chinese. His intention was to study for a year and then become an entrepreneur but he couldn’t restrain himself: he founded his first company within a month and had to quit his studies because of extensive international travel.

Marc’s first business involved helping foreign companies to enter China. In 2003 this company merged into China Bay Partners. During this consultancy period he helped with the production of China’s first reality show and with TV Commercials for international and local Chinese brands. This is where his interest for (new) media started.

In 2004 he met Gary Wang and after a round of golf and a discussion about podcasting they decided to set up a company together. This was the start of (or: as it was called at the time). Tudou started as an audio podcasting site but soon developed into the leading video site in China (comparable to YouTube, although Tudou was launched first). Tudou was officially launched on April 15, 2005. As the co-founder, Marc has been on the board of Tudou since the beginning until the start of the IPO process late 2010. Tudou went public on the NASDAQ on August 17, 2011 under the symbol TUDO.

From China to Canada
After Tudou Marc, amongst other, founded the Asian version of Spil Games, he remained CEO of this company until 2011. In 2013 Marc moved to Vancouver to become managing partner of venture capital fund CrossPacific Capital.

At the moment Marc is very busy with, besides CrossPacific Capital, First Block Capital. He is convinced that in a few years the bitcoin will be worth $150.000. Via First Block Capital, investors can invest large amounts of money in Bitcoin. In November 2017 Marc founded Hut 8, the largest Bitcoin mining company outside Chine.


Marc speaks about entrepreneurship, angel investing, the Internet Industry, online video, online games and bitcoin/blockchain.

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