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Starting a change process is difficult: it is already difficult for people to convey the need for change, but it is even more difficult to make people actively participate in its implementation. The most frequently asked question is: “How do I make sure that the people in my company understand the need for change and get on with it?”.

The answer is clear: through an unforgettable experience. With his 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and advisor, Nils Roemen specializes in the design, the set-up and the execution of experiences that are specifically set up to make people understand the need for change.

Nils is one of the pioneers in the field of experience design: he discovered the powerful mix of storytelling, gaming and experience design when he built escape rooms. He then started implementing the exact same concepts outside of the escape room. Currently he designed a wide range of experiences within different types of organizations: education, business, university and government.

In his keynotes, Nils shares his experiences with experience design. Both from his role as a participant (once he was seduced by a game) and as a designer. The goal is always an important learning effect, change is often the reason to start.

More information on Nils Roemen on his Dutch profile.


On Experience Design, 6 sept 2018, Singapore

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