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Peter van Burgel

Peter van Burgel

Peter van Burgel - spreker

Peter van Burgel is the CEO of AMS-IX, one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world and a vital hub of the Dutch digital infrastructure. Under his leadership, AMS-IX has successfully navigated the many challenges of the Internet, driving towards the next generation of the Internet while fostering an ecosystem where everyone benefits from a safer, faster and more connected society.

Van Burgel is a thought leader in the Internet and Internet technology fields. He is the driving force behind the AMS-IX’s vision of ‘creating a better society through a better Internet’ and a vocal proponent for initiatives to make the Internet safer, faster and more sustainable. Additionally, he advocates the need for innovation, both technically and in regulating the Internet, whilst preserving the neutrality and independence of the Internet.

Van Burgel possesses significant expertise as a Senior Executive in IT, cybersecurity, and digital resilience. He is passionate about digital transformation and has successfully guided various major global organizations through the transformation process. At AMS-IX, he is also a successful change manager, establishing a new and agile organization ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

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