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New! The lastest additions to The Next Speaker Agency listed

Kerrie Finch moderator
Kerrie Finch
Kerrie Finch is a well-known presenter, MC/host and moderator.

Nadine Ridder spreker
Nadine Ridder
Nadine Ridder helps organizations operate and communicate with confidence in the areas of diversity, inclusion and equality.

Xander Slager spreker
Xander Slager
Co-Founder of New Optimist, expert on sustainability, system change, circularity and steward ownership
Rudy van Belkom spreker Rudy van Belkom
Director of Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek and expert on Future Thinking, Democracy and AI
Quinten Selhorst spreker Quinten Selhorst
Founder and former CEO of felyx, expert on sustainability based on technology

Ruben Horbach spreker
Ruben Horbach
Experienced innovation strategist, futures researcher and sought-after international speaker
Dieuwertje Damen spreker Dieuwertje Damen
Founder of Rainbow Collection, expert on sustainability, corporate responsibility, innovation and circularity
Sietske Rozie spreker Sietske Rozie
Radiologist and expert in AI and healthcare

Julian Jagtenberg spreker
Julian Jagtenberg
Co-Founder of Somnox, and expert on robotics and the future of healthcare.

Eline de Jong spreker
Eline de Jong
Philosopher, ethicist and researcher in the field of AI and Quantum technology