New and noteworthy New and noteworthy

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Jimmy Nelson Jimmy Nelson
Photographer, travelling the world to document some of the most fantastic indigenous cultures left on the planet today
Justin Halsall Justin Halsall
Hacker, master of ceremonies, conference organiser, team leader and an all round charming personality with a life long passion for web development
Anne Bruinvels Anne Bruinvels
Founder of PxHealthcare and eHealth expert
Corine Jansen Corine Jansen
Chief Listening Officer
Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald Maarten Lens Fitzgerald
Founder of CLOCK
PepijnLanen Pepijn Lanen
Author, entertainer, artist and part of Dutch rap group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.
NellWatson Nell Watson
Girl geek and tech talent. Founder of Poikos, a company that enables 3D scanning with 2D cameras.
BorreAkkersdijk Borre Akkersdijk
Artist, working at the intersection of fashion and technology.
LassiKurkijarvi Lassi Kurkijarvi
Director Innovation at Sanoma Media.
Willemijn Maas AVRO Willemijn Maas
Expert in change management, and former director of Dutch broadcasting company AVRO.
MartenBlankesteijn Marten Blankesteijn
Founder of Blendle and De Universiteit van Nederland
DaanWeddepohl Daan Weddepohl
Founder of, the site that enables neighbours to lend each other tools and other stuff.