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Alejandro Tauber

Alejandro Tauber

Alejandro Tauber

Alejandro is publisher and editor in chief of TNW (The Next Web). Before that, in 2013, he founded the Dutch branche of Motherboard, the sciende- and techvertical of youth medium VICE.

Besides writing of pieces that are literally shared millions of times (true story, for example about misophony, rage that some people experience when they hear other people chew), he produced several documentaries on subjects as remote controllably cyborg beetles and plastic eating fungi and he organised and moderated science evenings for the youth section of de city theatre in Amsterdam. Alejandro also designs expensive content campaigns for big brands.

If you are looking for someone who can make complicated things enjoyable for a lot of people, you could ask Alejandro. What is precisely meant by complicated things? Well, everything from the continuous development of the media landscape, until quantummechanica, until the future of work, or living, or sex. Actually, every kind of science, because in every kind there is some interesting part.

Alejandro is not only suitable for the talk, or panel, or interview. He likes to take part in helping to deliver the message, theme or concept. In any case, it will not be boring if you ask him.

And in case you are wondering: this text was absolutely not written by himself in the third person and it was not uncomfortable at all.

Alejandro is er ook niet alleen voor het praatje, of panel, of interview zelf. Hij denkt graag mee om je boodschap, thema of concept zo goed mogelijk over te brengen. Sowieso wordt het niet saai als je hem vraagt.

Editors note: he is also a very good moderator!

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