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Emily Jacometti

Emily Jacometti

Emily Jacometti speaker
Emily Jacometti, known for her pioneering work in gamification and digital education, is a leading entrepreneur and speaker in the technology world. As co-founder of HackShield Future Cyber Heroes and Hero Center, she has dedicated herself to generating social impact through the power of play and storytelling. HackShield, an innovative game that teaches children how to defend themselves against cybercrime, has received significant recognition since its launch in 2019, including the prestigious Computable Award for ICT Project of the Year.

At the age of 24, right after school and with no experience, Emily started her first company, Flavour, above a car garage in Amsterdam. Flavour developed custom gaming and gamification products. Within ten years, the start-up grew into a multinational with over one hundred employees.

In 2019, she decided to change course: she stopped delivering custom products and focused even more on social issues. This led to the creation of HackShield, which is now active in six countries and has forty employees. Flavour further developed as the umbrella company under which HackShield operates. Additionally, it offers gamification products to other organizations using the building blocks developed for HackShield. Finally, the method used for HackShield, Hero Centered Design, is applied in the development of products for other organizations.

Emily Jacometti speaker

As co-CEO, Emily is responsible for the development of gamification and storytelling software widely used for educational and transformative purposes. Under her leadership, Flavour has won multiple national and international awards, confirming the effectiveness and innovation of their methods.

In addition to her entrepreneurship, Emily is also active as a board member of the Dutch Games Association, where she specifically focuses on the serious games industry in the Netherlands. She regularly shares her insights and experiences as a woman in technology as a speaker at conferences and seminars, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, gamification, hero-centered design, and diversity.

Emily Jacometti speaker

Some of her keynotes include:

HackShield Future Cyber Heroes and Digital Skills

What happens when children get their first phone or enter the digital world? How do we ensure they surf the internet safely? Emily Jacometti takes you into the world of HackShield, where gamification is used to make cybersecurity education fun and effective. Discover how HackShield builds a community reaching hundreds of thousands of children, parents, and grandparents, transforming them into the new digital explorers of our time. With realistic missions and challenges, HackShield offers a safe environment where children learn and practice essential skills, such as recognizing phishing attacks, creating strong passwords, and protecting their privacy.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Emily shares her inspiring journey as an innovative entrepreneur in the tech sector. From the messy start above a car garage in Amsterdam to leading multinational companies, Emily’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and purposeful leadership. She candidly discusses the challenges and successes of building companies that use gamification and storytelling for social impact. Emily’s insights into innovation, overcoming setbacks, and rebuilding strong companies will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools needed to create meaningful impact with their ventures.

Inclusivity and Diversity in Tech

As a passionate advocate for gender equality and diversity in technology, Emily discusses the importance of an accessible digital revolution. She highlights the role of organizations in promoting inclusive cultures and designing products that are accessible to everyone. With a mix of humor and practical experience, Emily shares actionable tips on overcoming bias in innovation and ensuring diversity within teams. Her lively presentation emphasizes how multiple perspectives lead to better products and a more inclusive tech environment.

The Power of Gamification and Hero Centered Design

Emily’s expertise in gamification and her developed Hero Centered Design (HCD) method offer a unique approach to problem-solving. Learn how HCD, which places the end-user’s perspective at the center, can be applied to drive successful changes and innovations in various sectors. Emily’s lecture includes engaging examples of how gamification and HCD have been effectively used in digital learning environments, organizational change, and product development. Her insights provide practical strategies for leveraging gamification to increase engagement and achieve impactful results.

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