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Ernesto Spruyt

Ernesto Spruyt

Ernesto Spruyt

Ernesto Spruyt: Pioneering the African Tech Sector

Meet Ernesto Spruyt, the visionary founder of Tunga, a company dedicated to creating 21st-century jobs for African youths through tech education and global employment. As the driving force behind Tunga, Ernesto personifies the brand’s adventurous spirit, a fusion of entrepreneurship and impact that leaves an enduring mark on lives.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, companies seek inspiration that transcends conventional norms. However, finding the right angle can be a daunting task. This is where Ernesto steps in, offering a unique blend of adventure, entrepreneurship, and impact that redefines the narrative.

Engaging the audience: a different breed of speaker

Ernesto’s story is a captivating blend of diverse experiences. From facilitating Dutch-Russian business ventures to spearheading the ethical gold program at Solidaridad to setting up TMG’s internal digital acceleration program, his journey culminates in Tunga, an impactful platform linking African developers with global tech enterprises. This venture not only meets the demand for skilled developers but also nurtures talent in Africa, shaping a future where collaboration transcends borders.

Ernesto is not your typical speaker. He thrives on engaging conversations rather than conventional lectures, weaving his experiences into a tapestry that resonates with the audience. His ability to connect abstract concepts with getting things done in real life sets him apart.

The impact: a taste of adventure

Whether navigating the corporate world’s startup landscape or illustrating the alignment of social impact with business sense, Ernesto’s insights provide a refreshing perspective. His journey is not just about entrepreneurship; it’s a testament to Africa, impactful living, talent development, and the exceptional.

Ernesto invites you to a tailor-made adventure based on the goals of your event. His story, adaptable to various perspectives, promises an experience that goes beyond the everyday. Examples of angles you can choose for your audience are:

– How do you build a company that is exceptional? How do you ensure that people want to work for you in a tight labor market? How do you keep contributing to your organization’s mission fascinating and interesting for all your employees and stakeholders?

– What does the future workforce look like? How do you, as a company, deal with increasing cultural diversity in your organization? How do you organize remote working?

– What lessons can you as a manager or entrepreneur learn from Ernesto’s experiences in Russia and Africa? But also from his experiences with startups in YES!Delft and at the Telegraaf Media Group? How do you get a business off the ground in a difficult environment? And how do you make new business models commercially viable?

– Making a positive impact on people and the environment are now important themes in business. How do you weave these themes into your organization and your business model in an inspiring way? And how do you let them contribute to your business case, so that you get everyone on board based on business logic?

– What are the latest insights in the field of talent development? How do you spot the best and right talent in an increasingly global labor market? Which skills will make more of a difference in the future and how do you cultivate them?

In short, enough material to surprise and inspire your target group. Ernesto would like to talk to you to see how he can tailor his story to your audience and in what form, (an interactive lecture or a workshop for example). Let Ernesto be your guide on “the road less traveled” and he will offer a touch of adventure that will stay with the audience, even after the engagement ends!

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