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Itay Talgam

Itay Talgam


A succesful conductor, Itay Talgam decided to transfer his knowledge to corporations that need to manage creativity and innovation in the company. Conducting bears many similarities to managing innovative and creative teams. How do you manage the perfect sound?

A conductor needs to allow freedom, creativity and at the same time provide discipline. The people in the orchestra need to be creative individuals, and yet excellent collaborators. How do you manage Innovation and creativity, how do you make sure the company can innovate continuously and how do you get the most out of your team?

Managing creative teams, requires a different style of leadership. With his contemporary approach to building Creativity, Innovation and Excellence in Business, Itay provides the participants the tools for understanding and shaping an alternative image of leadership -and cooperation -by studying a leader-image that is singularly unique in the modern world – that of the Maestro.

In Itay’s workshops and lectures, managers will not only learn about, but also experience a different kind of leadership.

“The Maestro’s baton makes no sound, but it creates the exact space in which sound can exist, and can become meaningful”
Itay Talgam

As a Lecturer and facilitator of his “Maestri programs”, Itay Talgam has been invited as a keynote speaker to many of the world’s leading conferences, including Google’s ZeitGeist (California) 2008 and Google’s Zeitgeist Europe 2009, DLD (Munich) 2008, 2009, LeWeb (Paris 2008) en PICNIC (Amsterdam), and TED Global (Oxford) in 2009.

Other events include WPP’s STREAM un-conferences (Athens) 2007,2008, KINNERNET un-conferences (Israel) 2006-2008, ICUC (Wyoming), EDGE (Ljubljana) 2008, and many more.

‘Maestri’ workshops and presentations were facilitated by Itay Talgam in many countries, and to many world class organizations. These include, among others, senior management teams of financial institutions (Credit Swiss, Swiss Re), Hi-Tech & IT (Intel, Google, HP, Motorola), Government organizations and Civil Service (Scotland, Israel, Singapore), Educational institutions (Leading Universities and Business Schools in England & Israel), Health organizations and Charities (South Africa), Hotels (HILTON), Communicaion (Orange), Publicity (WPP), and hundreds of other organizations.

Talgam’s International Conductor’s Debut took place in 1987, when he was chosen by Leonard Bernstein to perform in a special concert with the Orchestre de Paris, the great Maestro himself conducting the second half of the same concert. Since that highly successful performance, Talgam conducted many orchestras in Europe – being the first Israeli conductor to perform with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and with the Leipzig Opera house. He also performed in the United States, and, naturally, conducted and recorded many times with all of Israel’s major orchestras, including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Israeli Opera, Jerusalem Symphony, and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

A native of Tel-Aviv, Itay Talgam received his Artist Diploma in conducting from the Jerusalem Rubin Academy. He than studied at the Accademia Chigiana, Siena, and at Tanglewood, USA, under Maestri Seiji Osawa and Leonard Bernstein. He also graduated Cum Laude in General Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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