Jeanneke Scholtens

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Topics: Future thinking, Technology Trends

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Jeanneke Scholtens

Jeanneke Scholtens

Jeanneke Scholtens Speaker

Jeanneke Scholtens is a futures researcher and the founder of Buro Zorro. She explores themes where humanity, technology, science, and philosophy intersect, delving into the changing society and how product, market, and consumer trends impact you, your organization, and your customers.

Through her trend agency, Buro Zorro, she helps organizations worldwide develop future-proof strategies by researching trends and creating future and marketing strategies to make companies and brands resilient to future changes.

Scholtens has a fondness for taboos and human desires. She wrote the provocative book Holy Fuck about the future of sex and conducted research on the future of the church and death. In 2022, she wrote Roes in which she used herself as a study subject in her research on pleasure. Together with Tim Vreugdenhil (“a minister who spots trends), she co-authored the book Hope, believing in the future.

In November 2024, her new book “De toekomst is fantastisch” (“The Future is Fantastic”) will be released. You may have seen and heard her on programs such as Zembla, EenVandaag, Zomer met Art, BNR, Spijkers met Koppen, LINDA., and &C.

She disseminates her broad research through her books, lectures, and workshops.

Jeanneke Scholtens -speaker

In addition to her lectures, you can also invite Jeanneke to serve as a conference chair. Here are a few topics Jeanneke speaks about:

The future is fantastic

The Future is Fantastic offers hope and perspective, serving as a guide on how individuals and organizations can envision the future, become more open-minded along the way, and build the future they prefer. It’s not just another story that begins and ends with polycrises; it focuses on hope, perspective, and faith.

Jeanneke Scholtens, a taboo speaker and futures researcher, is certain: it is better to live in the future than in the present. She provides a guide on how to do this. According to her, thinking about the future makes individuals, organizations, and society happier, more open-minded, hopeful, and action-oriented. So, live in the future! It makes the present better.


Believing in the future
Contemplating the future can be overwhelming, given the immense forces at play. You witness elections with billions participating, conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, all significantly shaping the future. But beyond these grand events, do you envision a future you’re eager to build yourself? Do you see a distant vision that compels you to write, sing, fight, shout, think, love with greater intensity? Despite the forces beyond our control, the future holds promise. It’s a driving force, fueling your passion and energizing your spirit.

The Longer-Lived Human Being

Imagine if we could live to be 130 years old…
Advancements in technology and medicine make it possible to extend and enhance life in remarkable ways—from IVF and 3D-printed organs to nanotechnology and cutting-edge pharmaceuticals. We aim to make our lives as long, happy, and healthy as possible. But is this truly achievable? How does the coronavirus impact our life expectancy? What role do senolytics and anti-aging drugs play? Can we, and do we want to, live even longer?

Consider the implications of an extended lifespan on how we organize our lives, manage insurance, and perceive relationships. How can organizations adapt to these changes? Future researcher Jeanneke Scholtens explores the world of life extension and systemic transformation, offering insights into what an increasingly longer life could mean for you, your company, and society.

Jeanneke at Groenpact, about Green Transitions and Entrepreneurship:

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