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Julie Munneke

Julie Munneke

Julie Munneke Sustainability speaker

Julie Munneke is an expert on sustainability and the circular economy. She is the founder of Tiny Library, an online rental-platform for baby products. Baby products are used for a very short period of time. With Tiny Library, Julie offers an alternative, where you can rent decent baby products for a fixed amount per month. Since its start in 2019 Tiny Library has grown into a platform with hundreds of current subscriptions and partners such as Bugaboo, Medela, Easywalker, Babyplanet, Chicco and Tummy Tub.

Earlier, Julie studied economics at UVA, then did a post-master register controller and went on to study at Duke University in the US. After that, she worked at Ahold for 10 years as a business controller.

Julie talks about the different business models within the circular economy, the design principles and the benefits for companies (image, product feedback, new market, raw materials), whereby she uses concrete examples from her own company. She can also provide a good overview of the circular economy, how the circular market is developing and how legislation works within this area.

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