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Lauren Razavi

Lauren Razavi

Lauren Razavi speaker

Lauren Razavi is an expert on the future of work, global talent mobility, innovation ecosystems, and internet countries (also called network states). She has delivered talks for the United Nations, European Commission, The Next Web, and Skift Global Forum.

Lauren was an early adopter of remote work and has lived as a digital nomad since 2013. Today, she is Executive Director at Plumia, an innovation lab that aims to build a country on the internet. Her work in this cutting-edge field was featured in TIME Magazine.

Previously, Lauren worked as Google’s managing editor for the future of work and in tech policy at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Her first book, Global Natives (Flâneur Books 2023), explores the past, present, and potential of borderless work.

Lauren Razavi speaker

Named one of the world’s most influential voices in remote work by’s Influencer Report in 2021, 2022 and 2023, Lauren regularly gives interviews to international press and media including Le Monde, NPR, BBC News, El País, Sifted, Tatler, and Condé Nast Traveller.

As a speaker, Lauren has appeared alongside names such as Brian Chesky (CEO, Airbnb), Steve Chen (Co-Founder, YouTube), Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO, Uber) and Balaji Srinivasan (former General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; author, The Network State).

Lauren writes a Substack newsletter and posts on Instagram @LaurenRazavi.

How to unlock borders & level the global playing field (Skift Global Forum 2023):

Lauren Razavi on Digital Nomads and Remote Work 2023:

Lauren Razavi on How to Attract Remote Workers? from Dror Poleg on Vimeo.

Some presentations that Lauren gave earlier:

The Future of Work. The global battle to attract and retain talent: employee expectations in the new landscape of work

Remote work has globalised the jobs market. Employees are no longer restricted to office jobs within commuting distance. Now, they can now compete on the international stage for flexible work and global salaries. Meanwhile, global mobility is opening up with digital nomad visas and tax incentives for remote workers to relocate. Companies are competing with countries for talent now, too. How should businesses respond to these changes in the talent economy?
In this talk, Lauren outlines the opportunities in front of today’s employees and how companies can win and retain the best talent. Supported by the latest data, surveys and research.

Global Mobility. Geographic diversity and inclusion: How to unlock the future of work across borders—and level the global playing field

In an era when many jobs can be performed remotely, most of the world is still left out. In this talk, Lauren explores the impact of passport power, the social and economic potential of easing access to global work opportunities, and how companies can improve their operations, efficiency, and revenues by focusing on geographic diversity and inclusion.

Internet Countries/Network States. How internet countries/network states will transform our cities—and build new ones

Lauren Razavi is the executive director of an innovation lab on a mission to build a country on the internet. In this talk, she deep-dives into the emergence of internet countries/network states and introduces us to the ecosystem of projects, thinkers, makers and investors in this space. From building new cities to shaping new global consumer identities, Lauren shares how internet countries/network states will transform our built environment in the years ahead—with implications for real estate, architecture, hospitality, business and travel.

Digital Nomads. The nomad opportunity: how countries are leveraging global talent to drive innovation, trade and tourism

In the past three years, more than 80 countries have launched digital nomad visas or tax incentives for remote workers. In this talk, Lauren Razavi shares how countries are working to attract global tech talent in the hopes of boosting visitor numbers, increasing tax revenues, and becoming innovation hubs—and how this could help us revitalise rural areas, address the aging population crisis, and build a more sustainable tourism industry.

Exploring the impacts of digital nomads and cross-border gentrification

Digital nomads are hitting the mainstream in 2024. As cities and countries battle to attract the world’s top tech talent, what are the implications for local communities? How can we handle the gentrification of our cities as new and often wealthier migrants arrive? Lauren delves into the driving forces behind the trend, the impact of a fast-changing travel and visa landscape, and how governments and business should respond to what’s emerging.


“The timing of Lauren’s rise as a scholar, activist and builder—and the themes of her work—could hardly be more promising. She captures where humanity his headed by confidently showing how the next generation is embracing a borderless, nomadic future.”
**Dr. Parag Khanna, Author of “Move” & “The Future Is Asian”**

“Thank you SO MUCH for your presentation and sharing your time and expertise with our group. It was great to have you! Even in the face of tough questions, you responded expertly. Looking forward to keeping tabs on your work going forward.”
**Amanda McPherson, United Nations**

“Lauren is a relaxed and organised professional. She’s well prepared for anything, whether it be a more informal chat or structured lecture. She’s very broadly educated and experienced, which makes her an inspiring and highly articulate speaker and partner.”
**Sophie Op den Kamp, The Next Web**

“Not only is Lauren’s breadth and depth of understanding around the rapidly shifting world of work razor sharp, but she brings a rare wisdom and gravitas to a discussion. I very much look forward to working with Lauren again.”
**Peter Barden, Forward Democracy**

“The greatest task we face today is to create global institutions that replace the obsolete national ones, and there is no one with more foresight, insight and dedication to this cause than Lauren Razavi.”
**Sondre Rasch, SafetyWing**

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