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Maurits Kaptein

Maurits Kaptein

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Dr. Maurits Kaptein (1983) is professor Data Science & Health at Tilburg University and Principal Investigator at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch.

He obtained his Ph.D. with honours in a joint research project by the Technical University of Eindhoven and Stanford University. During his Ph.D. Maurits worked for Philips Research where he designed and improved technologies aimed at making customers more active. After obtaining his Ph.D., Maurits worked as an Assistant Professor in statistics at the University of Tilburg.

He was also Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Science Rockstars, a company that was sold to Webpower in December 2014 and is currently an advisor for several startups.

His scientific work on Persuasion Profiles has been published in leading scientific journals such as the Journal of Interactive Marketing. Furthermore, his work has been featured in popular press: Magazines like Wired (USA), Blink (UK), and Bright (NL) covered his work.

Maurits KapteinHis book, Hallo Wereld, Hallo Computer, wat iedereen zou moeten weten over digitale technologie was published in November 2018. In this book he explains the basics of digital technology: how computers work, how computers communicate, how programming languages work, how computers learn, the basics of AI and Machine Learning, etc. In the end he uses this knowledge to explain how a self-driving car stays on the road.

His previous book was published in November 2012: Persuasion Profiling. How the internet knows what makes you tick. Based on both psychology and technology, Maurits found a way to influence visitors individually. For this he developed so-called Persuasion Profiles. A good sales person knows whether a prospect will buy its product and what the underlying reasons are: Is he or she interested in the specs? Is he or she looking for a bargain? Or is this person influence by his or her peers? Many buying decisions are individual and often irrational. Maurits persuasion profiles resemble the intuition of a good salesman and enable online vendors to implement the optimal individual persuasion strategy.

Maurits stories are based on cutting edge research. He talks about digital technology, digital seduction, privacy, (big) data, and human behaviour.

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