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Omar Kbiri

Omar Kbiri

Omar Kbiri is an expert on PR, communication and popculture. He is the owner of Maak, and is involved in an enormous amount of different projects.

He became instantly famous in the Netherlands when he pulled a stunt at the Big Iprovement Day 2009. The public was asked to send the main speaker Richard Branson questions via text messages. His question: ‘Mister Branson, we are 2 broke students, can we join you on the plane to DC?’.

With his influencer-focused strategy agency Biko, Kbiri collaborated with several major brands, including Vodafone, Fernandes, and Top Notch. With his project ‘Google Naps’, Kbiri became a Webby Awards Honoree in 2015.

More information on Omar Kbiri on his Dutch Profile.

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