Quintin Schevernels

Quintin speaks Dutch, English

Topics: Innovation, Start-ups

Services: Keynote, Panel, Presentation

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Quintin Schevernels

Quintin Schevernels

Quintin Schevernels

Quintin Schevernels (1971) is a specialist in the field of innovation and growth. He is the author of Suits & Hoodies. In his book Quintin discusses the secret of succesful startups by the use of 7 Essentials.

Quintin has many years of management experience with growth and transformation at both corporates and startups. He was a member of the board of directors of Telegraaf Media Groep and VNU Media and was CEO of Augmented Reality company Layar and more recently of Funda. In addition, he advises and invests in young promising technology companies (including BridgeFund, Expert Wired, Recruit Robin and Rise) and holds various supervisory directorships (including Effectory, FlexIT and Urban Gym Group).

His broad experience gives him a unique view on growth, innovation and transformation. His highly acclaimed lectures and workshops deal with the various factors that determine the success of companies. He spoke at Trendship, TechLeap, VINT, NXXTCH, NPM Capital and WebTomorrow, among others. In addition, he regularly gives guest lectures for the MBA program of Nyenrode Business University and London Business School. He is also a regular guest as a startup expert at (AO) BNR and Quote.

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