Sjoerd de Kreij

Sjoerd speaks Dutch, English

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT

Services: Keynote, Presentation

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Sjoerd de Kreij

Sjoerd de Kreij

Sjoerd de Kreij spreker

Sjoerd de Kreij is an inspiring speaker who can make AI concrete and directly applicable for organizations that not only want to be inspired but also want to get started right away. As the founder of Typetone, an AI startup that was active before the rise of ChatGPT, Sjoerd has developed profound expertise in practical applications of artificial intelligence. With his background as Head of Data at leading brands such as Coolblue, DPG Media, DEGIRO, and Bynder, Sjoerd now helps companies embrace and apply AI in the most practical way possible.

Typetone, the company Sjoerd founded, focuses on developing AI employees for various marketing roles. This allows companies to hire AI content marketers from Typetone who can manage the entire process, from strategy to publication. This enables organizations to benefit from efficiency and scalability in their marketing efforts.

Sjoerd’s vision for the future of work and AI goes beyond simply making teams more efficient with AI. He believes that the future of work involves working side by side with AI digital employees, capable of handling end-to-end tasks and getting started immediately. These digital colleagues can add immense value to organizations by performing tasks that were previously only done by humans, allowing human employees to focus on tasks that require more creativity and human interaction.

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