Women in tech and innovation Women in tech and innovation

No women in tech and innovation? Sure there are!

Kerrie Finch moderator
Kerrie Finch
MC/Host, Leadership

Nadine Ridder spreker
Nadine Ridder
Diversity and inclusion

Dieuwertje Damen spreker
Dieuwertje Damen
Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, innovation, circularity

Sietske Rozie spreker
Sietske Rozie
AI and healthcare

Eline de Jong spreker
Eline de Jong
Ethics, AI, Quantum technology

Felienne Hermans spreker
Felienne Hermans
Programmning, computer technology, cognitive science

Li An Phoa - spreker
Li An Phoa
Sustainability, Drinkable Rivers

Julie Munneke spreker duurzaamheid
Julie Munneke
Sustainability, Circular Economy

Gina Doekhie spreker
Gina Doekhie
Cybercrime, cybersecurity

Rachel Levi - spreker
Rachel Levi
Creativity and innovation

Emma van der Leest - spreker
Emma van der Leest
Biodesign, Sustainable Design

Suzanne van Straaten - spreker
Suzanne van Straaten
Biodiversity, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship

Julia Janssen Spreker
Julia Janssen
Artist, data, privacy

Lauren Razavi speaker
Lauren Razavi
Digital nomad, Future of work

Tessa Steenkamp
Tessa Steenkamp
Urban Interaction Designer

Emily Jacometti spreker
Emily Jacometti
Founder Flavour and Hackshield

Daisy Mertens Spreker
Daisy Mertens
Finalist Global Teacher Prize 2019

Christina Calje
Christina Caljé
Founder Autheos

Marlot Kiveron - spreker
Marlot Kiveron
Sustainability manager Ace&Tate

Spreker Julia Rijssenbeek
Julia Rijssenbeek
Researcher at Freedomlab

Tessa Cramer - spreker
Tessa Cramer
Jeanneke Scholtens Jeanneke Scholtens
Founder Buro Zorro, Tech Trends

Rina Joosten
Rina Joosten
Founder Seedlinktech, AI expert
Marian Spier Spreker Marian Spier
Technology, communication and inclusiveness
Ellen ter Gast
Biologist and Philosopher, biotech, cyborgs and ethics
Sanne Kanis Sanne Kanis
Author of De Bubbel, tech advisor for startups, scale-ups and corporates
Nell Watson
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Futurist
Jovana Karanovic Jovana Karanovic

The Future of Work, Platform economy
Katja Berkhout - Techilicious - #DineToDeal - 10 mei 2017 | © Verkijk Katja Berkhout

Startup ecosystems
Alix Rübsaam Alix Rübsaam
Disruptive scientist, tech philosopher
Maartje Blijleven Maartje Blijleven
Communities, Digitisation
Pauline van Dongen Pauline van Dongen
Fashion and technology, Wearable Technology
Marjan van Aubel
Solar designer
Mei Ling Tan Mei Ling Tan
Founder House of Einstein, E-commerce
Wendy van Ierschot Wendy van Ierschot
HR, Scale-ups, Tech Investor, Founder Vie People
Anne Bruinvels Anne Bruinvels
Founder and CEO PX Healthcare
Willa Stoutenbeek Willa Stoutenbeek
Founder WGreen
Rachelle van der Linden
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of KNAB, Foodreporter and EnergieDirect
Simone Brummelhuis Simone Brummelhuis
Founder The Next Women, Tech investor
Roebyem Anders
Co-founder and Director Sungevity, solar energy
Emma Bruns
Surgeon and author


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